Colombia Decaf Coffee Bag 225g


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The Risaralda Regional Blend is a blend of coffees from the regions of Asocafe Tatama Santuario, El Aguila, and Entreverdes. A regional blend means we can maximise the impact for producers across the department of Risaralda, by bringing much larger volumes of their coffee to the specialty market. The blend is brought together in Santuario, where the coffee from each region is blended and prepared for milling.

From time to time we also purchase coffee from other municipalities in Risaralda for this blend, such as Apía, Mistrato, Belén de Umbría, and Guatica. The Regional Blend is a great expression of the region as a whole, and a stable and consistent blend all year round. 

Espresso Recipe: 

Dose: 18g

Yield: 32ml

Time: 31 seconds