72% Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes

72% Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes


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Make a truly incredible hot chocolate with our NEW tin of 72% Ecuador origin dark hot chocolate flakes.

Made with our Direct Trade chocolate from Martinetti Cocoa, these naturally vegan-friendly dark flakes have earthy flavour notes of mellow coffee and raisin and make for a wonderfully rich and warming mug of hot chocolate.

Martinetti Cocoa is a small family-owned chocolate company based in Quevedo in the heart of the cocoa-growing region of Ecuador. They have been in business for 50 years and have strong relationships with local cocoa farmers, buying their beans direct from their farms. Our 72% chocolate is made with beans bought from just one farm - Hacienda Zoilita which is a professionally run family farm of 200 hectares.  See Our Chocolates page for more information about Martinetti and Hacienda Zoilita

This Direct Trade chocolate is made of fine single origin Arriba cocoa beans grown in the fertile, tropical climate of the Los Rios province, where Martinetti is based. This chocolate adds value to the local economy as it is produced from tree to chocolate by Martinetti in its country of origin, is put in strong paper sacks and shipped by sea for us to then work with - no middlemen at any point in our supply chain!

We do not add any more sugar or any other flavourings/powders etc for that matter, so these are pure chocolate flakes! 

It's very easy to make a hot chocolate Chococo-style. All you have to do is warm a small amount of milk in a pan with the flakes and once the chocolate has melted into the milk into a smooth paste, add the rest of the milk & whisk as it warms. Full instructions on how to make a hot chocolate are on the tin too.

If you want to make a vegan-friendly hot chocolate drink, just use any plant milk and enjoy! 

Pack weight: 200g 

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