70% Hot Chocolate Flakes


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One of our most popular hot chocolates

  • 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award Winner
  • Cocoa content: 70%
  • Cocoa origin: Madagascar
  • Cocoa growing region & varietal: Sambirano 
  • Flavour notes: vibrant, rich red berry fruit
  • As served in our cafes
  • Raisetrade chocolate as produced in country of origin
  • Flaked by us in Dorset
  • Naturally vegan-friendly if made with any plant milk

Our 70% single-origin Madagascar Chocolate Flakes won a 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award in the 2021 judging and was described by the judges as  ‘The made-up hot chocolate has a wonderful rich cocoa flavour, that pairs fantastically well with the milk. The hot chocolate is smooth textured and of really intense, well balanced flavour.’

We flake the couverture chocolate from Chocolaterie Robert who produce all their chocolate at their factory in Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar. This chocolate is known as Raistrade - why? Because they produce truly fine, fresh & fair chocolate using freshly dried fine cocoa beans grown in the Sambirano valley region in the north west of Madagascar, so add significantly more value to the local economy than exporting commodity, even fairtrade, dried cocoa beans to be made into chocolate in the west.

When we work with this chocolate to make the flakes, we do not add any more sugar, or any other flavourings/powders etc for that matter, so it is a truly pure hot chocolate.

It's very easy to make a hot chocolate Chococo-style. All you have to do is warm a small amount of milk in a pan with the flakes (30g-35g) and once the chocolate has melted into the milk into a smooth paste, add the rest of the milk (200ml) & whisk as it warms. Full instructions on how to make a hot chocolate are on the tube too.

If you want to make a vegan-friendly hot chocolate, just use any plant milk and enjoy! 

Pack weight: 200g
Tube height: 13cm x 8.5cm diameter (being wider, makes it much easier to get the flakes out now)
Plastic-free packaging: food-safe kraft tube & paper wrap - both are 100% recyclable

Winner of Best Thick Hot Chocolate in Olive magazine's 2019 taste test of who makes the best hot chocolates. This is what they had to say about our flakes (same flakes in a different package format):
"We love this high-quality chocolate, with the dark, bitter flavours that these flakes are made from. it's be great made with cream for a thicker, champurrado-style drink."