The Grange Pink Sparkling Wine

The Grange Pink Sparkling Wine


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The Vineyard

Burge’s Field Vineyard was planted by four siblings in 2011 and lies just six miles east of Winchester. Beneath its thin cap of gravelly clay lies a deep layer of pure white Cretaceous chalk which imparts a crisp minerality to the flavour of our Chardonnay – think rainwater on black flint. It is this minerality that gives our wines their fine structure and will ensure that they age beautifully.

Tasting Notes 

Soft and restrained in colour with abundant bright summer berries and flowers on the nose that characterise the Pinot fruit grown in Burges Field. Delicately lifted by a soft and pleasing mousse, the palate provides crunchy red apples and redcurrants with a crisp and lengthy finish. A perfect reminder of the long summer of 2018 on which the wine is based.