Scrollino - My First Comic

Scrollino - My First Comic


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Have you dreamed of becoming a comic book artist? Create your very own comic in the Scrollino format!

Want to become a comic artist? Or do you just like to draw? With the Scrollino® My First Comic, try out the life of a comic artist. Design your own characters or use characters you already know and let them loose on the page. The empty comic frames will guide you to create your own story. When you’ve finished, show your comic off to your friends and family!

Organic, 100% Compostable

1.8 yards / 1.65 meters

1 Pencil included

Ages 3 to 103

Scrollino is not only exciting, fun, and inspiring, it is also fully recyclable and compostable as we use high-quality organic materials. The box is made of FSC certified, natural feel acid-free heavyweight paper 130lb / 350gsm, for the rolls we use a custom-made paper perfect to be recycled, the Scrollers are molded from recycled wood, and our pencils are made of natural wood.

Did you go all the way to the end? Now, insert the pencil to the bottom Scroller and turn anti-clockwise to rewind. Rewind and start over. Each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil. The Scroller works with most standard pens and pencils (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.). If you don’t have any handy, check your kitchen drawers or toolbox!