Christmas Children’s Escape Room Game - Elf HQ (Age 6-9)

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Santa Claus had a mishap while on his practice run for Christmas Eve. He was supposed to deliver your message but has instead asked Bernard, his Head Elf to help him out and deliver your message! Bernard and his fellow elves have hidden 7 puzzles within bits and pieces they have around the workshop – things like Elf ID badges, Santa’s route plan and a blueprint of the reindeers’ stables.

To stop just anyone seeing the secret message, the lucky child will have to solve a series of puzzles in order to uncover it. The elves have sent it just to them, of course!

Leave the message yourself or write it as if it’s from Santa himself, to make Christmas that little bit more special.

Age – we recommend the puzzle for children aged 6-9 but there are clues available so no one gets stuck.